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Information and statistical base of FFU

Surname Name Patronymyc Birth date Gender
vgenijovich 27-10-2003 MAN
olegovich 26-02-1989 MAN
olegovich 27-05-2005 MAN
andrijovich 16-08-2003 MAN
Arsen volodimirovich 04-08-2006 MAN
Makar volodimirovich 27-06-2006 MAN
evgenovich 25-01-2009 MAN
oleksandrovich 19-03-2004 MAN
nikolajovich 22-06-2007 MAN
Vitalij viktorovich 01-08-2007 MAN
Oleksandr jurijovich 02-01-2004 MAN
konstantinovich 25-01-2009 MAN
volodimirovich 22-11-2007 MAN
Albina volodimirivna 04-01-1998 WOMAN
eduardovich 27-03-2003 MAN


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